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Trump pleading to Nancy Pelosi in private about his Impeachment

The instant Nancy Pelosi was announced as the new Speaker of the House of Representatives, it became abundantly clear that the fate of Donald Trump’s impeachment now resides firmly in her hands, which perhaps isn’t the best news for Trump.

And you know he realizes this, too. After all, ever since then — and despite ample opportunity — the president has uncharacteristically refrained from attacking her in any public settings. In fact, according to a CBS News report, he’s even gone so far as to grovel at her feet during a recent private meeting.

Although, the primary focus of the meeting was to discuss the wall and the government shutdown, per a source familiar with the meeting, Trump attempted to steer the conversation toward impeachment:

During the meeting, Mr. Trump also brought up the topic of impeachment, railing against calls by some Democrats to impeach him, according to a source familiar with the exchange.

“Why does everyone want to impeach me, Nancy?” Mr. Trump asked.

While Pelosi’s dismissive-at-best answer indicated that no one wants to impeach him, that’s not what Democrat Rashida Tlaib said last week.

We’re going to impeach the motherf*****,”  Tlaib said.

This is the first time Trump has been noticeable nervous about impeachment:

Regardless, the fact that the president even felt the need to ask the question is pretty telling, don’t you think? If he now fears that impeachment is possible, and is willing to play nice with Pelosi both privately and publicly, then perhaps she has him exactly where she (and vast majority of America) wants him.

During the meeting, Trump also tried to play to Pelosi’s Roman Catholic faith while arguing for the border wall funding. “The Vatican has walls. The Vatican has walls surrounding the city,” Mr. Trump said, according to the source. “You like the Vatican, Nancy?”

“Let’s change the subject, sir,” Pelosi replied.

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