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Trump Publicly Attacks Mueller as Resignation Talk Reach Boiling Point

With mounting pressure from a number of angles, like Russian collusion, campaign finance questions, multiple affairs and their aftermath, and well, take your pick of any number of scandals, popular vote loser Donald Trump’s future as president is certainly on shaky ground, so he responds by tweeting an endless stream of nonsense on Twitter, even resorting to attacking Robert Mueller directly, saying he’s the “most conflicted of all”

And the narrative about the Trump presidency, while it’s never been positive in almost any circumstance, is starting to change.  For example, for the first time, the question of Trump’s possible resignation from the presidency was brought up to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Tuesday.

When reporters at White House briefings start to ask direct questions on national television about Trump’s resignation, then it’s a major problem for Trump, because it forces his team to discuss it and causes a buzz across the nation.

Watch Sarah Sanders’ Reaction Below…

Reporter April Ryan posed the question to Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders yesterday about whether or not Trump is considering “stepping down” after the news of Trump’s attorney getting raided by the FBI. Sanders said emphatically “no” and called the question “absolutely ridiculous”.

“With all of this turmoil, particularly last week, has the president at any time thought about stepping down before or now?” asked April Ryan. Sanders shot back: “No, and I think that’s an absolutely ridiculous question.”

The answer Sander gave doesn’t matter as much as the fact that the White House Press Secretary is now being forced to answer questions about Trump resigning. Major news outlets across the country are now drawing attention to the fact that it was asked and answered.

Even Fox News is Talking About it…

Believe it or not, Fox News was even forced to talk about it. Of course, the angle they took was to slam April Ryan for asking the question, but again, the answer Sanders gave or the commentary from Fox News doesn’t matter here.

The damage has been done, as there are now millions of Fox News viewers (aka, Trump supporters) across America sitting at home thinking about the possibility of Trump resigning. Of course, the answer in their own mind is “oh boy, I hope not”, but it’s now a topic in the news cycle.

The very fact that this question was asked gives more fuel to the Trump resistance fire across America, which will result in Trump’s defenders to push back even harder. Plus it causes those on the fence about Trump to begin with to question him even further, wondering if Trump’s presidency will end up being defined by a resignation over a scandal.

So, millions of people across the country are now talking about Trump resigning in some fashion, either for it or against it, but the fact remains: As Bill Palmer puts it, “The topic of Trump’s resignation is now officially on the table”

Let’s rewind to the middle of last year…

There have been several events occur over the past several months that suggest Donald Trump just might throw in the towel and resign from president. If you’ll recall, Tony Schwartz, Trump’s former ghostwriter for Trump’s book “Art of The Deal”, said long ago that Trump is laying the groundwork for his resignation.

Schwartz said back in August, “The circle is closing at blinding speed. Trump is going to resign and declare victory before Mueller and congress leave him no choice.”

This man spent a massive chunk of time with Trump while writing for him over recent years. He probably understands Trump’s headspace better than anyone, so his assessment of the situation can be given a considerable amount of weight. Turns out, he just may be right.

Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana Trump, says he misses his old life…

Then came another clue from Donald Trump’s ex-wife Ivana, saying that Donald is “exhausted” and that he misses his “old life.”

This is the revealing comment made by Trump’s ex-wife, Ivana.

Trump took to Twitter not too long ago to say: “Since the first day I took office, all you hear is the phony Democrat excuse for losing the election, Russia, Russia, Russia. Despite this I have the economy booming and have possibly done more than any 10 month President. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

Trump has spent an entire year ignoring the Russia scandal altogether, but now he’s talking about it, calling it “Phony” and declaring victory, pointing out what he’s been able to accomplish.

Sounds EXACTLY like what Tony Schwartz predicted back in August, doesn’t it?

If Trump resigns, what will be the final straw to make it happen?

For months, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has been working on former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, trying to get him to flip in the Russia scandal. And with the recent news that Manafort’s sidekick Rick Gates is cutting a plea deal against him, it appears Manafort in turn will be left with no choice but to cut a deal of his own in the coming days.

Gates, having already given his proffer interview, is expected to officially plead guilty later in the week. Only time will tell how quickly this leads to a plea deal from Manafort, but one is expected nonetheless.

Considering Manafort has thorough knowledge of Trump’s political and financial life, ran his presidential campaign, bought real estate property from him, and is allegedly tied to a big international money laundering scheme involving Russian banks and Russian oligarchs, this surely spells disaster for Trump. So much so that, according to an MSNBC contributor, Trump will likely resign in the coming weeks if Manafort flips.

If Mueller gets to Manafort, that may be it, says expert…

“If Mueller gets Manafort to flip, Trump would likely resign within 2 weeks after a plea deal goes public. Manafort knows too much. About everything. Especially Trump, the campaign & Russia. They’ve known each other since as early as 1980. 38 years of scamming,” said Democratic Coalition co-founder and MSNBC on-air contributor Scott Dworkin.

For as much as we think we know, we haven’t even scratched the surface. Can you imagine all the dirt Paul Manafort must have in his possession? If he flips, Dworkin is probably right. However, I would expect Trump to try to negotiate and beg for leniency in exchange for his resignation.

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