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Trump Resignation Talk Has Taken Over…and There’s Nothing He Can Do to Stop It

Earlier this week, when reporter April Ryan asked White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders whether Donald Trump was planning to resign, despite Sanders’ response, the question resonated so much I just couldn’t help but wonder if it had any merit to it. Well, according to headlines that have surfaced since the question was asked, it appears it does.

On Tuesday, Esquire ran an article written by the liberal Charles P. Pierce titled “Republicans Must Be Thinking About a President Mike Pence Right Now.

Pierce says, “Mike Pence has been committed to that goal longer and far more deeply than the current president* has, and his commitment comes with genuine, extra-special Leviticus Jesus that the president* can’t even fake convincingly. He will give them everything they ask for, and he’ll do it without causing them worldwide embarrassment and without occasioning a bloodbath at the polls this coming November. And, make no mistake, he’s just as dim and, therefore, just as pliable as this guy. What are they waiting for?”

Then, on Wednesday, The New York Times ran an op-ed written by the conservative Ross Douthat titled “Why Not Mike Pence?

The Times’ opinion piece said, “The sudden investigatory focus on Cohen and Daniels might turn out to be a legal tempest in a D-cup. But still, for evangelicals concerned that their agenda is yoked so closely to the fortunes of that Hefnerian president, this seems like a good time to contemplate a simple question: Why not Mike Pence?”

When some of the major news outlets in America are discussing it, you know the question is on the minds of millions of Americans and there’s nothing Trump can do to stop the wave that is building stronger by the day.

While I could totally see Trump in his stubborn ways trying to stick it out, and then kicking and screaming as he’s impeached and dragged out of the White House by U.S. Marshals, I’d honestly be surprised to see it play out that way. Instead, when I think about his six bankruptcies and how he bailed on those, I believe he will bail on the presidency now that the walls from his criminal scandals are closing in on him.

And now that this question has been laid before us, the more frequently it is asked and discussed, and the more steam applied behind it, the bigger its bite will be.

Don’t believe a resignation question can become the defining narrative of a presidency?  Just refer to Richard Nixon’s and then get back to me.

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