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Trump Says Obama Destroyed Jobs, Then Obama Destroys Him with Facts

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Trump Says Obama Destroyed Jobs, Then Obama Destroys Him with Facts

In this fact-free era in which we now live, Donald Trump “saving” 1000 jobs in an Indiana Carrier plant, or 5,000 Sprint jobs, or “forcing” Ford to bring jobs back from Mexico, can make it seem like he’s America’s economy savior.

But, as President Obama (whose administration created nearly 15 million American jobs), someone who actually understands our economy, points out, when put in context, what Donald Trump did was essentially nothing.

Here’s video of Obama explaining:

A Groopspeak report explains how Trump’s Carrier deal wasn’t what he makes it out it to be:

President-elect Donald Trump’s recent call to fame is that he saved 1,000 jobs from moving to Mexico, as part of his deal with the Carrier Corporation.

As part of the deal, he had to promise them over $7 million in state benefits – as part of an overall package that also cuts corporate taxes over time. Even with that, 1,300 jobs will still be going to Mexico, when you factor in the closing of their other factory in Huntington, Indiana – a little fact that Trump surprisingly forgot to mention.

With that said – things like this need to be put into context. So – what is the state of current manufacturing jobs in Indiana? They’ve increased since President Obama has been in office.

In 2010, there were 435,000 manufacturing jobs in the state. The latest numbers from this year show 518,000 – a 19% increase. Even though they are still down overall since 2000, that was under the previous Republican administration – not Obama.

Every time Donald Trump says American jobs are destroyed under Obama, he needs to be shown the truth. The truth is, he’s just flat out wrong.

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