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Trump Sent Out This Email Begging For America’s Approval

In one of the most pathetically desperate for approval moves in a young presidency marked by pathetically desperate for approval moves, Donald Trump (technically it’s the RNC, but we all know who suggested it) is emailing supporters asking them to take a survey “assessing” his “accomplishments” thus far.

The email read as follows:
After a busy first month in office, President Trump wants to know what you think of the job he’s doing for our country.

His chief responsibility is to you, the American people — and the only approval that matters to him is yours, James.

Please take our First Month Approval Survey to assess the job President Trump has done for our country. >>

On Inauguration Day, President Trump made a promise to America that we would build a new government beholden to We The People.

But the only way to be certain that President Trump is fighting for the issues you care about is if you step up and have a say in your government right now.

President Trump works for you. And he wants you to assess his work.

Please take our First Month Approval Survey now. >>

Thank you,
Trump Headquarters”

**This is an actual screenshot of the email**

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 10.20.36 PM

The survey itself is multiple choice with options of Approve, Disapprove, No Opinion and Other (with a comment box to specify).

Here are some of the “accomplishments” listed to approve or disapprove of:

Directing the Department of Homeland Security to get started on constructing a 1,900-mile long wall along the southern border.

Adding 10,000 immigration officers to enforce border security and assist with deportations of criminal illegal immigrants.

There are 25 items in all, but we think that last one takes the cake.  You can go here and take the survey.

Make sure to spread this around so they get as much disapproval as possible. Fill out the comment boxes too.  If you submit the survey, you’ll also get to see this hilarious message pop up on your screen begging for money:

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 10.31.20 PM

It’s totally worth it.

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