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Trump Staffers Reveal Common Childish Tantrum Trump Throws Inside White House

2018. What a stupid time to be alive.

Besides the surprising news that popular vote loser Donald Trump can actually read and understand the reports he is given (he likes reports with pictures, remember), new reports detail a very interesting new task that White House aides have taken up: following around the President around, taping up documents he rips up because they anger him.

According to Politico, Trump has a habit of ripping up pieces of paper, which just happen to include letters and official documents that must be preserved by law. Guess who has to gather the pieces and tape them back together? His staffers.

They were tasked with taping the piece of paper back together, which was an effort not to violate the legal requirements to preserve presidential records.

After nearly three decades of government service, Solomon Lartey was fired, but says he and colleagues would use Scotch tape to put the pieces together “like a jigsaw puzzle.”

“It was the craziest thing ever,” Lartey told Politico. “He ripped papers into tiny pieces.” Another former staffer, Reginald Young, Jr., said that the task felt well beneath his salary.

“I’m looking at my director, and saying, ‘Are you guys serious?’” he said. “We’re making more than $60,000 a year, we need to be doing far more important things than this. It felt like the lowest form of work you can take on without having to empty the trash cans.”

Compare this to the Barack Obama presidency: “All of the official paper that went into [the Oval Office], came back out again, to the best of my knowledge,” said Lisa Brown, who served as President Barack Obama’s first staff secretary. “I never remember the president throwing any official paper away.”

Remember when Trump basically campaigned on the fact that he believed Hillary Clinton to be a security risk and was not fit for office?  That’s really interesting, considering this report. Trump has no problem ripping up official documents that are required by law to be preserved.

The hypocrisy is staggering.  The cognitive dissonance required to still be a supporter of this man is even more staggering.

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