Trump Supporters Furious Their Land is Being Taken to Build His Wall

Sometimes there’s a story in the news that just makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. For me, it’s usually when a Trump supporter or group of Trump supporters realizes what a humongous, idiotic mistake they made by electing this guy to the White House.

Case and point – Pat Bell, a Trump voter who lives on the US/Mexico border, and just recently learned that her beloved President’s plan to build a wall will actually see her home/property end up on the Mexico side of the border.

“I was very angry, I just kept saying, how can they do that? How is that possible in the United States that they can do this? They put up a fence in front of our land and then keep us in here — lock us in. I didn’t understand. I was very — I was floored and flabbergasted,” bell said.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of American citizens living along the border will likely face the same realization.

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