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Trump takes a page right out of the Kremlin propaganda playbook

You know things have gotten really bad for President Donald Trump when a report surfaces suggesting the White House communications team has told a well-established, right-wing news outlet what it should publish just so Trump could turn around and try to promote it.

According to Daniel Dale, Washington correspondent for the Toronto Star, that is precisely what has happened with the Washington Examiner’s recent publication of an “exclusive” list of Trump’s “historic accomplishments.”

“Great moments in media: Trump’s team gives the Washington Examiner an ‘exclusive’ list of 205 supposed ‘historic’ accomplishments he will campaign on; the Examiner just publishes it in full; Trump tweets about it as if it came from the Examiner,” Dale tweeted.

Then, believe it or not, Trump thought it would be a good idea to tweet the headline of the story, in an attempt to pass it off as “True!”

And to think this is coming from the man that bashes CNN with every opportunity he’s given. However, this is “fake news” at its finest, folks.

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