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Trump Tells America The Law Doesn’t Apply to Russia with His Massive Pro-Putin Move

Popular vote loser Donald Trump is nothing if not consistently inconsistent.  The guy just isn’t very good at this whole presidenting thing.

Trump’s White House has let an October 1st deadline pass for beginning to implement new sanctions on Russia. The move has drawn concern from some in Congress that Trump is planning to ignore parts of a bill that he grudgingly signed back in August.

“The delay calls into question the Trump administration’s commitment to the sanctions bill which was signed into law more than two months ago, following months of public debate and negotiations in Congress,” Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Ben Cardin (D-Md.) said in a joint statement on Wednesday. “They’ve had plenty of time to get their act together.”

Mother Jones reports:

The bill required the Trump administration to issue by October 1 “regulations or other guidance to specify the persons that are a part of, or operate for or on behalf of, the defense and intelligence sectors of the Government of the Russian Federation.” The administration has yet to do so. The Treasury and State departments also have not issued guidance on their plans for imposing the measure, a Senate aide said. The aide said that members of the White House’s National Security Council have assured senators that they are “getting to” the sanctions and “it’s gonna happen.” But lawmakers are wary.

Cardin and McCain said the White House has also ignored a September 28 letter they sent asking for information on implementation plans. “In addition to the administration’s lack of responsiveness on this deadline, there does not appear to be a significant diplomatic effort to engage our allies in Europe and lead an effort to increase pressure on Moscow,” they said in their joint statement. “Congressional intent was clear, reflected in the overwhelming bipartisan majority in favor of the legislation.”

Trump only signed the legislation after it was clear Congress could override his veto.

Trump also said, he might ignore what he said were “a number of clearly unconstitutional provisions” in the legislation.

“My administration will give careful and respectful consideration to the preferences expressed by the Congress in these various provisions and will implement them in a manner consistent with the President’s constitutional authority to conduct foreign relations,” the statement said.

Unconstitutional provisions? Your entire Presidency is an unconstitutional provision.  One that will hopefully be overturned soon.

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