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Trump Thinks He’s Protected, But Mueller Can Prosecute Him in a Court Room, Says Legal Experts

For months now, many have speculated on what will actually happen when Robert Mueller finishes building his criminal case against Donald Trump.

There’s no precedent for this and there seems to be a lot of gray area on how far Mueller can go on his own. Some have assumed that Congress will have to impeach Trump first before he can be prosecuted, but now one legal expert is saying Mueller can go directly after Trump, which changes everything.

Many have wondered if Mueller would classify Trump as a co-conspirator before handing him over to Congress, or if he could get a grand jury to indict Trump and then hand him over to Congress. The foremost legal authority, Brookings Institution says those aren’t the only routes.

“Attempts to stop an investigation represent a common form of obstruction. Demanding the loyalty of an individual involved in an investigation, requesting that individual’s help to end the investigation, and then ultimately firing that person to accomplish that goal are the type of acts that have frequently resulted in obstruction convictions,” Brookings analysts Barry Berke, Noah Bookbinder and Norman Eisen wrote.

The analysis concludes that if special counsel Robert Mueller comes to the same conclusion, legitimate articles of impeachment could be drawn up.

Their new legal report suggests that Mueller can prosecute Trump as if he were any other U.S. citizen. While no one has been sure that’s constitutionally allowable given that only Congress can remove Trump from office, Mueller can in fact put Trump on criminal trial.

The trial would cripple Trump and put the pressure on Congress to remove him from office. If he were convicted while still in office, he may not have to go to prison right away, but Congress would impeach him immediately.

This is just one less hoop Mueller has to work around, it won’t be long before he finally takes Trump down.

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