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Trump Threatens to “Destroy His Career”, Senator Says: “You Fascist, Loofa-faced Shit-gibbon!!”

In one of the more colorful statements a Democratic politician has made in reference to their dislike of our new president, a Pennsylvania state senator is challenging Trump to try and “destroy his career.”

In response to Donald Trump laughingly telling a breakfast group that he would destroy the career of a Texas state senator that disagreed with him on policy, Senator Daylin Leach (D – Montgomery Co.) posted the following to Facebook and Twitter: “Hey! I oppose civil asset forfeiture too. Why don’t you come after me you fascist, loofa-faced shit-gibbon!!”

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Later in the day, Steve Hoenstine,  spokesman for Sen. Leach, defended the remarks about Trump to the Philly Voice:

President Trump blithely talked about destroying the career of a man who disagreed with Trump on a policy issue. Then Trump laughed about it, which is just what you’d expect from someone who gets his kicks firing people on national television. Trump just continues to undermine democratic norms, America’s system of checks and balances, and the general principle of human decency. Senator Leach is mad as hell about it, as you can see from his tweet.”

Kudos, Sen. Leach.  We need more angry politicians to call out Trump’s insanity and incompetence.

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