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Trump Voters Furious About Their Homes Ending Up on Mexico Side, ‘If I Have to Get a Lawyer, I Will’


Trump Voters Furious About Their Homes Ending Up on Mexico Side, ‘If I Have to Get a Lawyer, I Will’

More and more people living near the proposed wall on the US/Mexico border are upset by how the plans are rolling out.  A strong majority of these people are conservative Republicans, and many of them voted for Donald Trump for President, but more and more are regretting that decision.

One such person is Pat Bell of River Bend, Texas.  She says she voted for Trump, but didn’t support the border wall plan, and now, she’s learned that if the plan progresses , her house will end up on the Mexico side, and this is unacceptable to her.  Bell claims fences and walls don’t work and she will put up a fight to end this horrible idea.

“Absolutely I would go to the people who are in charge and, you hate to say I would get a lawyer, but if it comes to that issue, you would.”

Bell is far from the only one who voted for Trump but is vehemently against the border wall. Thousands of Texas ranchers and landowners, mostly of a conservative lean, have come out in protest over the wall.

Hopefully, they’ll be able to tie up the plans for the wall in court for so long that Trump will be long impeached and removed from office before construction can ever begin.

One family says their farm is cut in half — part of it in the U.S., part of it in Mexico —  they are still stunned that government was able to take their property 10 years ago.

“I was very angry, I just kept saying, how can they do that? How is that possible in the United States that they can do this?” D’Ann Loop of Brownsville recalled. “They put up a fence in front of our land and then keep us in here — lock us in. I didn’t understand. I was very — I was floored and flabbergasted.”

According to Loop, all of their property is now on the Mexico side after losing in court.

“It left us no property on the U.S. side of the border wall, including my house,” she explained. “Everything was behind — on the Mexican side of the U.S. border fence,” with her husband adding they enter the U.S. through a locked gate

“You punch your code in or you come behind the border wall, there is a feeling of isolation,” Ray Loop  explained.

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