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Trump Was Scamming Donors Out of Money For Months, Victims Speak Out

If you found yourself wanting to donate to Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign, then you better be ok with recurring donations on your credit card that can’t be stopped.  An investigation into reports as such revealed that there is no clear way to remove yourself from recurring donations through the Trump Campaigns’ website.

The report from Money Mic uncovered that the only thing easy thing to do is switch from one valid credit card to another for your donations. If you want to remove your credit cards from the website, there is a registration required, followed by a “labyrinths process” to get your cards off the website and keep your money away from Donald Trump.

It all started with a Tweet bringing the process to the attention of Money Mic, then they dug in and found out the shocking truth:

Here is a copy of the email you received from the Trump campaign after enrolling…

If you want to cancel online, all can you do is “update” your credit card…not cancel it

There is also no email or other instructions whatsoever with how you get back in touch with the Trump campaign should you want to cancel.

Users are reporting that getting any help in the from customer service is virtually impossible.

Interestingly, in contrast, Hillary Clinton’s campaign website included clear and direct instructions on how to donate and how to stop donating, as well as a link to an email address to receive help.

Here is a copy of the email you received from the Clinton campaign after enrolling…

As well as a clear way to cancel your card…


Clearly, there is a support email listed should a donor need to contact them for any reason, as well as a systematic way to log into your account and simply cancel.

It’s telling that one campaign is was desperate for funds they will trapped donors into giving more money, while the other campaign seemed fine with donors coming and going.

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