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Trump’s Attorney Panics, Throws Trump and His White House Counsel Under The Bus

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Trump’s Attorney Panics, Throws Trump and His White House Counsel Under The Bus

In a clear fit of panic, Trump tweeted about why he fired Michael Flynn and while doing so he confessed to felony obstruction of justice. Then he claimed that his attorney, John Dowd, was actually the one who wrote it.

No one paying attention at all believes that story. They continued to panic and tried to explain their way out of this mess and threw White House Counsel Don McGahn under the bus in the process.

Trump has confessed on Twitter to knowing Flynn lied to the FBI and that alone is a felony. This is why Trump asked the FBI Director to let Flynn off the hook. Dowd tried to fall on his sword for Trump, but when he tried to explain his reasoning it went off the rails.

Dowd told NBC that when Acting Attorney General Sally Yates attempted to warn White House Counsel Don McGahn about Michael Flynn earlier in 2017, she told McGahn that Flynn had “given the agents the same story he gave the Vice President.”

Bill Palmer explains is this way:

Trump quickly fired Yates to try to protect Flynn. But when the media got wind of some of Flynn’s Russia crimes anyway, Trump fired Flynn under the premise that Flynn had lied to Vice President Mike Pence. In other words, this is a convoluted confirmation by Trump’s attorney that both Trump and McGahn knew Flynn had committed the crime of lying to the FBI.

McGahn is now in a tight spot. He’s been interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, but that was before Flynn’s deal was finalized.

If McGahn lied, Mueller knows it and he’s got him on the hook for a felony. If McGahn told Mueller the truth, he’ admitting to knowing Flynn was guilty when he helped Trump cover up various aspects of the Trump-Russia scandal, which carries its own criminal charges.

McGahn has likely committed a crime either way, but perhaps his details will help take down a bigger fish, like perhaps Donald Trump and we all know that’s who Mueller’s after anyway.

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