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Trump’s claim that he had no idea what Manafort was up to goes up in flames

Seth Abramson, a legal expert, professor and critic of President Donald Trump, would like to remind everyone that Donald Trump more or less admitted he was guilty of corrupt and illegal activities in statements one year ago.

In the statements, Trump said he wasn’t worried that Paul Manafort would “flip” on him or “sell him out,” which Abramson rightfully points out, wouldn’t be the language one would use if one were innocent:

“For the THOUSANDTH time: IN JANUARY 2018, NBC REPORTED that Trump was privately telling friends the Mueller report wouldn’t hurt him because Manafort wasn’t going to “flip” on him. This report should be cited *every time* Trump’s team says he had no idea what Manafort was up to.”

We agree with Abramson – this needs to be shared. A lot. So share this and then go to his Twitter account and RT.

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