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Trump’s Email Server Determined National Security Risk, GOP Totally Silent

Tired of hearing about Hillary Clinton’s email “scandal?”  Yeah, us too. So let’s talk about Donald Trump’s email and network security for a minute.

From Uproxx:
Network security expert Kevin Beaumont performed a basic check of the publicly available information about Trump’s email servers, and found that they were ripe for the picking. Trump’s organization runs Windows Server 2003, which Microsoft hasn’t supported since 2015, and is easily accessible via the internet; Beaumont collected all this data from checking the public-facing web page of Trump’s email server. Furthermore, Trump’s organization hasn’t updated the software at all and has essentially left the stock software running for potentially more than a decade. If you were wondering, Hillary Clinton was apparently running Windows Server 2008 on her server.

Trump has been receiving security briefings from national intelligence agencies for several months now. Trump is no doubt being contacted by government officials who are likely sharing sensitive information with him.

This is, of course, the same thing Hillary Clinton did. But if he’s been refusing to communicate about official government business via email, he and his organization still likely have confidential business information stored on these servers.

Depending on the contracts he has in place, he could be legally accountable for the security of that data, and might be in breach of contract.

It’s not the worst thing Trump has done during this election season, just as the Clinton scandal isn’t the worst thing either, but it’s certainly the source of more hypocrisy and lies from the Trump camp.

H/T Uproxx

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