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Trump’s Favorite Story For Over a Year Just Got Proven a Lie

The entire Presidency of popular vote loser Donald Trump will no doubt go down as a gigantic failed experiment in populism, and nearly every agenda item and piece of legislation and committee formed will be scrutinized for their individual accomplishments as complete and utter failures in how to govern.

Take, for example, Trump’s recently folded Voter Fraud Commission, formed to boost Trump’s ego and validate his ridiculous claim that the only reason he lost the popular vote by such historic and overwhelming numbers was because of widespread voter fraud.  Millions of illegal votes were cast, he claims.

Except, yeah, the commission found slightly less than several million illegal votes. As in, zero. Zero is less than millions, right?

Think Progress points out, In a court filing on Tuesday, the White House announced that it had not uncovered any preliminary findings of voter fraud in the 2016 election and that it would be destroying confidential voter data initially collected for President Trump’s controversial voter fraud commission, which was disbanded on January 3.

The revelation stands in stark contrast to previous comments made by both Trump and former commission vice chair and Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who claimed in an interview with right-wing outlet Breitbart one week ago that all investigation work would be “handed off” to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), implying that Democrats were becoming “uncomfortable” with how much Republicans had discovered thus far.

Trump also claimed previously that the commission — created in May 2017 and charged with identifying “vulnerabilities in voting systems” that could lead to fraud — had uncovered “substantial” findings which would be handed over to DHS.

Except, here is what the court filing actually says:

“The Commission did not create any preliminary findings,” White House Director of Information Technology Charles C. Herndon said. “In any event, no Commission records or data will be transferred to the DHS or another agency, except to NARA [the National Archives and Records Administration] if required, in accordance with federal law.”

No preliminary findings, huh?  Big shock, I know. Trump’s claims of widespread voter fraud are nothing more than the insane ramblings of the narcissistic man that we call our President.

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