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Trump’s Health Concerns Just Escalated with Witness Reports From Summit Travels

It was evident from the footage of Donald Trump at the G7 summit that he was struggling to keep up, both mentally and physically. He was arriving to G7 meetings late, leaving early, and was reportedly falling asleep during meetings.

Trump looked completely exhausted for much of the event and his voice was weak. Of course, that was just speculation based on what we all saw at first, but now it’s been confirmed by several people in attendance that Trump was in fact struggling to get through the G7 summit.

The New York Times is reporting that “He arrived 18 minutes late for a Saturday session on gender equality and did not bother putting his headphones on for translation when President Emmanuel Macron of France spoke. At some points, Mr. Trump closed his eyes in what people in the room took to mean he was dozing off.”

But his narcissistic adrenaline kicked in whenever trade was mentioned, where he proceeded to mock and insult other leaders, like Mr. Trudeau, Mr. Macron and Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, according to the witnesses.

So, Trump didn’t just look zombified during the laid back parts of the event, he was struggling during important meetings as well. Trump’s pattern of arriving late to meetings, then leaving early seems to suggest he has to limit the amount of time he is in public view and “on”. This is exactly what happened in the Middle East last year as well. We saw it then, and we see it now.

But Trump is in great health, right? After all, his White House doctor Ronny Jackson gave him a glowing bill of health in his medical report.

Yeah, so about that…

Dr. Sanjay Gupta – CNN’s chief medical correspondent – had some tough questions for Dr. Ronny Jackson during the press conference about Trump’s results from his medical exam back in January. Gupta asked if being borderline obese and being on cholesterol medication could be classified as being healthy. Dr. Jackson basically said ‘yes’, the president is fine.

However, Dr. Gupta pointed out that he believes, based on test results that he’s seen, that President Trump has heart disease.

Gupta points out that dating back to 2009, Trump started to have “these tests that are actually looking for the presence of calcium in the blood vessels that lead to the heart.”

“Steadily, up until just this past week when he had it performed again, those numbers have gone up,” he said.

“When they get to a certain range … that means he has heart disease.”

Gupta then talked about his interaction with Trump’s doctor, Navy Rear Adm. Dr. Ronny Jackson.

“It was interesting when I spoke to Dr. Jackson. At first he said he passed all the tests with flying colors,” Gupta said. “When I asked him specifically about that test, he did then concede that, in fact, the president does have heart disease.” (source)

“They’re going to be increasing the medications, including the cholesterol-lowering medications to try and combat that, but there’s no question, by all standards, by all metrics, anyway a doctor or cardiologist will look at it, the president does have heart disease.”

Gupta says the disease is controllable with medications, but also adds that Trump needs to have his diet under control.

“But he does have heart disease,” Dr. Gupta said.

Now, fast forward to the 2018 G7 Summit…

Over the weekend, this photo went viral, proving that Trump is probably even lying about his own height, which brings the nearly perfect bill of health given on Trump by Dr. Ronny Jackson a few weeks ago even more into question.

(Photo Credit)

What does this photo prove, exactly? Well, Justin Trudeau’s height is officially listed at 6’2″, while Trump’s is listed at 6’3″.

Why does this even matter? Because if  the president were only an inch shorter on the physical performed by Dr. Ronny Jackson, he would be considered obese, which brings the White House physical performed on Trump into question.

This went viral and brought back speculation about Trump’s overall physical health as well. WaPo pointed out:

“Adding to some online observers’ skepticism that Trump’s measurements were accurate was the fact that 239 pounds, at 6-3, conveniently put his body mass index at 29.9 — just below the 30.0 threshold for him to be officially described as obese, rather than merely overweight,”

Obama is only 6’1” tall…

So, Trump’s in great health? I’m not so sure.

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