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Trump’s Inner Circle Member Says, “He Knows Both He and Trump Are Going to Prison”

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Trump’s Inner Circle Member Says, “He Knows Both He and Trump Are Going to Prison”

Trump’s crime spree has been going on for several weeks now, but now his public obstruction of justice could finally be catching up to him. Investigators are currently digging through his finances and his closest associates so we know things are getting serious, but we didn’t realize how serious. One of Trump’s closest inner circle members believes Trump is on his way to prison.

Insider John Schindler says, “Trusted member of Trump’s inner circle has told family & friends that he knows both he & POTUS are going to prison.”

Who is John Schindler? John Schindler is a security expert and former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer. A specialist in espionage and terrorism, he’s also been a Navy officer and a War College professor.

While we don’t know who this insider is, the Washington Post just reported that former Trump adviser Carter Page has been meeting with investigators. Add him to the list that includes Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort (who just registered as a foreign agent) and you know Trump is probably freaking out.

It’s looking more and more like Trump doesn’t have a way out at this point. With reports that we can in fact prosecute a sitting President on top of his current road to impeachment, things aren’t looking good for Trump.

Even if Republicans refuse to impeach Trump, if the Democrats win back the majority in the midterm elections, you can bet they will begin the impeachment process immediately.

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