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Trump’s Lawyer Just Might Have Put Himself In Prison Along with His Client

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Trump’s Lawyer Just Might Have Put Himself In Prison Along with His Client

Four of Trump’s closest advisers have been arrested in the Russia scandal and two have already pleaded guilty. More of Trump’s people are going to be falling by the day and the most recent of them may be Trump’s own personal attorney.

Trump tweeted yesterday and basically confessed to the felony of obstruction of justice: “I had to fire General Flynn because he lied to the Vice President and the FBI. He has pled guilty to those lies. It is a shame because his actions during the transition were lawful. There was nothing to hide!”


When Trump realized what he had done, he claimed his attorney John Dowd was actually the one who wrote it. Then Dowd publicly backed that claim. If it can be proven that he did not in fact write it, Dowd is in serious legal trouble.

We all know Trump wrote that tweet. The dumbest of attorneys would not write a tweet confessing that his own client had committed a felony. This is the most blatant lie and moronic explanation we have ever heard.

Not to mention, there isn’t an attorney in America, or even a single college kid in law school, that would use the term “pled guilty”. “Pleaded guilty” is the proper term, which is yet another glaring bit of proof that it was Trump himself who sent out the Tweet.

Nevertheless, Dowd is claiming he sent out the tweet, but that may be his biggest mistake yet. He just helped his client lie in attempt to get his public confession thrown out. This is gray area, but if a judge forces Dowd to testify he will have to face what he did.

In addition, every first year law student has it drilled into them that the proper legal phrase is “pleaded guilty” yet the tweet in question says “pled guilty.” Trump’s attorney did not write this tweet, yet he’s claiming he did.

Richard Nixon’s attorneys went to prison for their role in Watergate and it’s not a stretch to assume the very same thing could happen here. Trump’s treason scandal is getting juicer by the minute and his minions are dropping like flies.

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