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Trump’s Lawyers in a Panic, Say Jared Kushner is Sabotaging Trump

Not only can Donald Trump not run a business or a country, he can’t even keep a handle on his own family members. His son, Trump Jr.,  just confessed to treason and now his son-in-law Jared Kushner is a felon due to his lying about numerous meetings with the Russian government. Trump’s own attorneys are beginning to question if Kushner is trying to sabotage Trump in an effort to protect himself.

The New York Times is reporting that the White House is in complete chaos right now, but they also hint to something deeper going on. Trump’s legal team, which includes Marc Kasowitz, is growing frustrated with how Kushner can manipulate Trump. “The president’s lawyers view Mr. Kushner as an obstacle and freelancer more concerned about protecting himself than his father-in-law, the person said.” Basically, Kushner is covering his own ass no matter what the cost, and Trump doesn’t like that, of course, so his attorneys are accusing Kushner of sabotaging his father-in-law president.

Remember when Trump fired Comey? It turned out Kushner was really pushing for the firing because he had previously lied on his security clearance form which is a felony. It turns out he also lied about meetings with Russia. What is it with these men?

So, knowing how the Comey firing would be received, he pushed for it anyways just to cover his own tracks. How long before Trump realizes what’s going on and throws Kushner right under the bus like he has his own son?

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