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Trump’s Lawyers Just Entered Panic Mode as Mueller Closes in on Trump

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Trump’s Lawyers Just Entered Panic Mode as Mueller Closes in on Trump

Popular vote loser Donald Trump and his joke of a legal team are scrambling. They are preparing for the President to be interviewed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team of investigators at some point, and they know he doesn’t have the mental capacity or intelligence for that to go well for them.

Trump’s lawyer are now scrambling to figure out a way to limit the scope of the interview, even asking if Trump can submit written answers to questions and decide what topics are off limits.

Why are they scrambling? Because Robert Mueller is going to question Trump about obstruction of justice, as pointed out by the Washington Post.

Clearly, Trump’s lawyers do not think they can trust him to not go off script and say something he will later regret. After all, Trump can’t even read directly from a teleprompter without going off script, so there’s no way he can pull it off in a high pressure situation.

CNN reports:

Trump’s team is looking to how previous administrations have handled requests like this in the past as a basis for limiting the President’s exposure: whether he actually needs to testify under oath, whether he can provide written answers to questions from Mueller’s team and whether the testimony should be recorded. Trump’s attorneys don’t want their client to be interviewed by the special counsel’s team on a fishing expedition, according to one source with knowledge.

Trump said over the weekend when asked by a reporter if he would meet with Mueller, Trump said, “yeah,” and then insisted there had been no collusion and no crime, but did not clarify his answer about a potential meeting.

Scott Dworkin with the Democratic Coalition points out:

If there’s nothing to hide, why not just sit down with Mueller’s team and answer questions?

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