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Trump’s Potential Plan to Pardon Himself Just Got Crushed by Mueller

Robert Mueller’s investigation has finally reached a point where is ready to tackle Trump’s ability to pardon his own co-conspirators. Theoretically, Trump could pardon anyone he wants, but Mueller is putting a stop to it.

Donald Trump likely assumes that his ability to pardon people isn’t limited, but there’s a way that even the president can’t pardon people out of their crimes. Specifically, Trump is not allowed to deal with state level crimes, but it now appears Mueller is trying to make sure Trump can’t pardon co-conspirators from their federal crimes as well.

One of Mueller’s prosecutors is named Michael Dreeben, who is hard at work figuring out how to stop Trump from using his federal pardon power, according to a new Bloomberg report.

It’s actually never even been Constitutionally established whether or not the president can pardon people to motivate them not to testify against him.

It also hasn’t been established if the president can pardon his own family members, or himself. Why? because no other president in history has even tried these things, so there is no legal precedent to determine if the president can do it, but that’s about to change.

Dreeben has a long history of arguing cases successfully before the Supreme Court. If Trump does in fact try to award federal pardons, it will no doubt end up in front of the Supreme Court, which is where Dreeben will go to work in a big way against Trump.

Here’s how it will play out when Trump tries to play his federal pardon card…

The very first federal pardon Trump hands out will immediately set off a chain of events, starting with Dreeben getting in front of the Supreme Court, where he will undoubtedly win against Trump pardons, and at that moment there will be a legal precedent on the record.

As soon as Mueller and Dreeben win their first court battle, it will then mean Trump can’t pardon himself out of trouble on any level.

Then what happens next? Logically, it sends a big signal to everyone involved in the scandal that Trump can’t save them, which will then lead to co-conspirators flipping on Trump to save themselves.

So, this is what Dreeben has been working extremely hard on to make make sure there is a path to the removal of Trump’s federal pardon power for himself and/or co-conspirators.

Trump’s henchmen are going down one by one and he won’t be far behind them by our estimation.

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