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Trump’s Ship Continues to Sink: More Key Trump Staffers Jumping Ship

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Trump’s Ship Continues to Sink: More Key Trump Staffers Jumping Ship

Trump can’t keep his White House positions filled for very long, clearly. During his first year in the White House, the list of advisers and official who’ve left is getting longer and longer. These vacancies have been through resignations, firings, scandals and other elaborate exits. Things are about to get worse for Trump with more headed toward the exit as we speak.

Three of Trump’s remaining advisers could be about to leave,  according to CNN. Now that Don McGahn is in the spotlight in regards to the scandal, he’s thinking about resigning. His wife also just resigned from her position in the Trump administration. There’s already enough evidence to suggest he’s flipped on Trump and cut his own deal. That has yet to be proven, it certainly would make sense.

He’s not leaving alone though. Economic adviser Gary Cohn has already been quoted saying horrible things about Trump and publicly spoken out against him in the past, and this time it appears he’s had enough. The CNN report says, “Gary Cohn, the National Economic Council chairman whose departure has been a constant subject of speculation since August, is still weighing whether to remain in his post, and for how long, people who have spoken with him say.”

Then we found out National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster, who took over for Michael Flynn, is also considering leaving.

So in the past several weeks Trump received two resignations (Rick Dearborn and Dina Powell) and fired another (Omarosa). The names on the list continue to grow. Who will be next in this long line of former Trump minions?

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