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Trump’s Staff Scared to Death After FBI Raid, Afraid They’re Next

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Trump’s Staff Scared to Death After FBI Raid, Afraid They’re Next

Now that warrants and subpoenas are being issued in regards to the Trump-Russia scandal, all of those in Trump’s camp are getting worried. Just this week former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort had his house raided by the FBI. Now even the White House staffers are worried that they will be the next targets in the investigation.

According to political insider Jon Cooper, “It’s hard to convey how badly rattled WH aides are by the FBI’s predawn raid on Manafort’s home. They’re all wondering who will be next.”

Manafort wasn’t just any staffer though, he failed to register as a foreign agent, illegally stashed money overseas, and is deeply involved in Russian money laundering, so the FBI raid on his home wasn’t totally out of the blue, but it was stunning nonetheless.

Trump’s staffers who work with Trump every day will be brought into the investigation at some point, and it may be sooner rather than later.

They will have to testify to anything they’ve witnessed when the time comes and they have to be asking themselves why they even took these jobs to begin with.

Honestly it serves these people right for going to work with a corrupt man like Donald Trump.

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