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Trump’s Threat to Comey That Everyone Missed, “It’s Not Too Late” to Be Fired

FBI director James Comey may have helped swing the election in Donald Trump’s favor last fall by releasing a meaningless report on Hillary Clinton’s email (the data suggests this is the case, in fact), but now that he’s actually doing his job, he’s probably going to be one of the most important figures in bringing Trump’s presidency down.

So, how would Trump react to that possibility?  By threatening to fire Comey, of course. Trump gave an interview with Fox’s Maria Bartiromo which, as a Palmer Report points out, may have been timed to try to distract from a trio of Russia scandal bombshells that were in the process of dropping.

What did Trump do during the interview? He used his time to issue a no-so-subtle threat against FBI Director James Comey, who is currently in the middle of investigating Trump and his team for their involvement in the Russian election rigging scandal.

Palmer Report explains further:
Yesterday it was revealed that former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page was under FISA surveillance by the FBI dating all the way back to last summer (link). Then earlier today it was revealed that former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort is registering as a pro-Kremlin foreign agent. And now this evening it’s been revealed that Manafort received $13 million in “loans” from Trump business associates the day departed the campaign amid scandal over his Russia ties (link). So what did Trump want to talk about during his Fox Business interview last night?

Trump told Bartiromo that while he has confidence in James Comey, it’s “not too late” to fire him. That’s not really how these things work; Comey is just a few years into a ten year appointed term. The president firing the FBI Director is so rare, even with proper cause, that it’s been thoroughly contested when it does happen (source: Constitution Center). Trump would have no cause to fire Comey.

If Trump were to fire Comey without cause during the middle of the FBI investigating Trump and his team’s ties to Russia, he would paint himself into such a deep corner that even the staunchest defenders of his idiocy in congress would have no choice but to take extreme action against him.

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