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Trump’s Threat to NBC Makes Sense Now…They Have Damaging Tapes

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Trump’s Threat to NBC Makes Sense Now…They Have Damaging Tapes

Popular vote loser Donald Trump recently escalated his war against the media to new levels by threatening to get NBC taken off the air. Whether or not he can actually have the FCC take NBC off of American televisions is an open question.

Wonder why he’s going after NBC specifically all of the sudden? He, of course, hates most of the major news outlets, except for the actual fake news outlets like Fox and Brietbart. But why NBC? Palmer Report has a theory on that.

Palmer points out that NBC supposedly has tapes of Donald Trump saying horribly racist things on the set of The Apprentice, which has been confirmed by Hollywood actor Tom Arnold for months. Arnold says:

NBC has been sitting on these tapes the entire time, but now it’s being reported that NBC News also has tapes of Harvey Weinstein committing sexual assault, and that the network passed on running the story.

Isn’t it ironic that on the very same day we learned about this, suddenly Trump decides to publicly threaten to take NBC off the air? Seems all too fishy. Bill Palmer goes on to say:

NBC News is in the process of being in very hot water for having sat on the Weinstein tapes, for reasons it still hasn’t bothered to try to explain. It’s enough to make you at least wonder aloud if NBC might be planning to release the Apprentice tapes of Trump just to change the narrative. If Trump has been tipped off to something like that by someone in the NBC/Apprentice fold who’s still loyal to him, it would explain why he’s suddenly threatening to give NBC the death penalty.

Yes, it’s just a theory. And yes, Donald Trump is upset over the NBC News story about Rex Tillerson calling him a moron. But he’s always upset at one TV news outlet or another at any given time. He’s been pissed at network TV news outlets before. He’s never publicly threatened to take any of them off the air. At the least, the question has to be asked: why NBC, why now, and what does it have to do with the other NBC controversies bubbling over this week?

So Trump is worried that his horrible racist past (and present?) will be revealed by NBC.  So, what better idea than to get them taken off the air. This isn’t going to end well, is it?

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