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Trump’s Voter Fraud Chair Admits on Live TV That Trump May Have Lost Election


Trump’s Voter Fraud Chair Admits on Live TV That Trump May Have Lost Election

Oops. Donald Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission, a fraudulent group in and of itself, formed for no other reason than to purge and suppress democratic votes, may have accidentally backfired and implied that Trump may not have won the election.

The Commission was charged with proving Trump’s lying, made up out of thin air Tweets about millions of illegal votes that cost him the popular vote, which he actually lost by over 3.5 million votes.

GQ explains:
Although the White House likely hopes to use the initiative’s conclusions to strip the rolls of millions of legitimate blue-state voters, it’s not clear whether vice chair Kris Kobach read that particular e-mail all the way through. In an interview with NBC News’ Katy Tur conducted shortly after the meeting wrapped, Kobach cheerfully conceded that just as he believes that we’ll never really know if Hillary Clinton earned some 3 million more votes than Donald Trump, lingering questions about voting integrity across the country mean that we can’t be sure that Trump won the election, either.

TUR: Are the votes for Donald Trump that led him to win the election in doubt as well?

KOBACH: Absolutely. If there are ineligible voters—people who are non-citizens, people who are felons, who shouldn’t be voting, according to the laws of that state—you don’t know!

He didn’t realize it until it was too late, but his argument and conclusion means he just publicly undermined the entire premise of the Commission on national television.

Whatever the White House’s inquiry yields, it’s important to remember that the administration’s handpicked team has candidly acknowledged that it will be impossible to ever know whether Donald Trump actually won the 2016 contest and is a legitimate President of the United States, or is instead a sad, weak imposter propelled by a massive wave of illegal voting to a fraudulent Electoral College victory. Glad that’s settled.

What a bunch of idiots we have running our country.  We may never know, that’s for certain, but regardless, Trump will never be seen as a legitimate President.

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