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Trump’s WH Appears to Be Leaking Dirt on Mike Pence, Hoping It’ll Save Trump

You know things are bad when people think keeping Donald Trump in power is better than letting Mike Pence run the country. Even Trump seems to know that’s one of the only things keeping him employed, so he’s started leaking ugly things about Pence.

A new op-ed titled “The Danger of President Pence” was published in the New Yorker this week and it shows why Pence would be dangerous for America. The entire piece is a detailed argument about how detrimental Pence’s fundamental beliefs would be, but there’s one really interesting quote towards the end that really stands out.

During a conversation about gay rights, Trump points to Pence and says, “Don’t ask that guy—he wants to hang them all!”

This entire piece was put together to make Pence look like a horrible President and it comes just days after news leaked that Trump’s staffers have warned him that Pence could invoke the 25th Amendment. The context of the leak shows that it could have only come from one of Trump’s team members.

It wouldn’t be hard to believe that Trump’s camp put this entire story out to remind everyone just how extreme Pence is and to paint Trump as a more reasonable option, causing the resistance against Trump to pump the brakes on impeachment actions.

The Palmer Report points out:

Here’s what stands out as remarkable. There now appear to be at least two factions of Donald Trump advisers working against each other. The first faction has concluded that Trump is too dangerously unstable to remain in office, and is leaking embarrassing things in the hope of generating public demand for his ouster. The second faction is trying to protect Trump from ouster by making his potential replacement Mike Pence look bad. There is now a civil war within Trump’s own staff.

This is not only a sad attempt on behalf of Trump’s team, it also shows just how divided his advisers are.

There appears to be more than unrest in the White House, perhaps it’s an all-out war for power at this point.

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