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Two Years of Recordings Discovered That May Be All Mueller Needs to End It

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Two Years of Recordings Discovered That May Be All Mueller Needs to End It

It’s nearly impossible to keep straight all the news surrounding the Donald Trump/Russia/Collusion investigation. We have talk of of Grand Juries and Subpoenas almost daily, so you may have missed reports that Carter Page – who has been long suspected of being a Trump-Russia go between -, was under federal surveillance the entire time that he worked for the Trump campaign. This is extremely significant.

Months ago, it was reported that there was a FISA surveillance warrant on Carter Page, dating back to at least the summer of 2016, which would have been right in the middle of the time he worked for the Donald Trump campaign.

However, a CNN report reveals that the surveillance on Carter Page actually goes back much further than originally thought. It goes all the way back to 2014.

This means that every word of Page’s remote communications with Donald Trump and the campaign have likely been recorded.

Palmer Report pointed this out months ago:

There is also the question of why this new revelation about Carter Page is suddenly leaking out on the same day in which Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel is now essentially entering the public phase of its investigation and prosecution. There have been no reports that Page was in any way involved in the meeting between Trump Jr. and Russia. But it’s worth asking if it’s a coincidence that this new information about Page is leaking on the same day subpoenas are going out to Trump campaign members.

Could this be the Feds’ way of signaling to those being subpoenaed that there’s no point in trying to hide certain phone calls and other digital communications they had regarding Russia, because they were intercepted through the surveillance on Carter Page?

Robert Mueller has now taken a big chunk of this investigation public. That can only mean we’re getting closer to the truth. And that should have popular vote loser Donald Trump very, very nervous.

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