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US Marine Unloads on Trump: “You’re The Dumbest F*cking President in US History”


US Marine Unloads on Trump: “You’re The Dumbest F*cking President in US History”

It’s not too often you hear one of Trump’s own supporters calling him out for his lack of leadership and insane mistakes, which is exactly what happened with Angelo John Gage, a Marine war veteran who served 2 tours in Iraq.

Gage took to social media just hours before Trump decided to strike Syria and ripped into Trump like you’ve never heard a veteran before. Whether you agree with everything he says or not, the one glaring obvious reality is that Donald Trump doesn’t appear to know what he is doing as Commander in Chief.

**Language Warning** Watch what Angelo John Gage has to say to Trump before the strike:

A follow up video was then posted by Gage

“We have no interest in Syria….we have to focus on our own country and you’re being distracted and duped – it’s so obvious – it’s blatantly obvious how ridiculous this narrative is and how fake it is,” said Gage.

Gage went on to say:

“A lot of us voted for you because you’re supposed to be the ‘no war’ candidate – Hillary would have gotten us to war, you know that – yet here you are four months into your administration and you want to consider military action?”

“You work for us, Mr. President – we voted for you because you were supposed to take care of us – none of us want to go to Syria….even if it was true it has nothing to do with us,” added Gage, opining that the jihadist rebels were the likely culprits behind the gas attack.

“You should know better, you’re supposed to be the strategic mastermind, but you’re falling for the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen – be smart, do the right thing and put America first,” he concluded.

I may not agree with everything you said, Mr. Gage, but BRAVO for refusing to fall in line behind Trump’s stupid decisions. Thank you for your service, sir.

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