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Very Close Trump Associate hit with federal charges

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the government and personal business offices of Ed Burke, the attorney President Donald Trump hired to challenge his Chicago tax assessments, were raided by the feds in recent months. And the end result? Burke was slapped with federal extortion charges.

Per the report, the investigation and charges stem from a fast-food company’s “remodeling project in 2017,” in which “the company sought support from Burke for the project, and he tried to land the company as a client for his firm.”

After the company struggled to have its permits approved, it agreed to steer business to Burke’s firm, according to the complaint. When Synowiecki asked whether he wanted business from all of its Illinois locations or just those in Cook County, Burke allegedly replied, “Umm, all Illinois locations.”

As part of the investigation, Burke’s cell phone conversations were said to have been secretly recorded.

“As you are aware, there have previously been several other investigations such as this. In every instance, we cooperated fully. And in every instance nothing has been found,” Burke said after the raid.

You can read the full court filings below:

Burke Complaint Filed by on Scribd

Although unrelated to the investigation, interestingly, Burke allegedly did tax-related work for the Trump Organization for more than the past decade.

However, earlier this year, the Sun-Times reported that Burke announced his breakup with Trump in letters filed last with the Cook County courts and the Illinois State Property Tax Appeal Board in which he wrote that “‘irreconcilable differences’ have led his firm to stop representing Trump’s company and step aside in five current cases that seek refunds of millions of dollars in property taxes the president’s company has paid.”

With the bust of this particular attorney, it will be interested to see if he has anything to offer against Trump since the weight of the law if pressing down on him.

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