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Veteran Prosecutor blows a hole in Trump’s denial: “The president knew a lot”

In a conversation with CNN host Jim Sciutto, New York City homicide prosecutor Paul Callan suggested that there is practically no way President Donald Trump didn’t know his 2016 presidential campaign colluded with Russia to ensure his victory.

When asked about Trump legal adviser Rudy Giuliani’s confirmation that there may have been collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians, Callan claimed that the money allegedly paid to Stormy Daniels doesn’t hold a candle to the polling data that campaign chairman Paul Manafort provided to the Russians.

“The question becomes, does Mueller have evidence that ties anyone who may have colluded on the Trump team back to the president?” Sciutto asked. “How hard of a line is it to draw and how significant?”

“Well, it is a difficult thing to do although I think if you step back, most people say, ‘how could the president not know his campaign manager is slipping polling information to the Russians?” Callan responded. “How could the president not know when his own son orchestrated a meeting in the Trump Tower with Russian representatives to get dirt on Hillary Clinton? It all looks like the president knew a lot.”

“But the defense here is: he didn’t know,” he continued. “We’ll have to see what Mueller has. I’m assuming there may be other things because the Mueller investigation has been thorough and detailed in every case when an indictment is filed.”

You can see the CNN footage of their conversation below:

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