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Video: HBO Documents Trump Workers Getting Paid $1.50 an Hour

Of course Donald Trump is no stranger to complete and utter deplorable behavior, so it should come as little surprise that a Golf Resort bearing the Trump name has been busted paying migrant workers as low as $1.50 an hour and forcing them live in terribly sub-standard conditions.

This information was uncovered by reporter Ben Anderson in a segment for HBO’s VICE.

US Uncut reports:
…a reporter (Anderson) is shown following a bus of workers employed by a subcontractor hired by the Trump Organization to build the Trump golf course in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). In his interviews with the migrant workers, reporter Ben Anderson discovered that the workers are brought in from Pakistan and offered $3/hour, to work eight-hour shifts with two hours of overtime.

However, upon arrival, the Trump golf course subcontractor only paid the migrant workers $1.50 an hour, confiscated workers’ passports so they couldn’t leave, and housed them in dangerously unsanitary and crowded dormitories with bathrooms that “didn’t look fit for human beings,” according to Anderson.

“If you can have anything, all you would want is to be promised 10 dirhams per hour (currency of UAE), that’s three dollars roughly, instead of the five dirhams — one and a half dollars — that you are being paid. That’s all you’d ask for?” Anderson asked a group of migrant workers.

“Yes,” they all replied, in unison.

Think they would just leave and find work elsewhere? It’s not that simple.  From later in the interview:

ANDERSON: “Is it better here, or in Pakistan?”

WORKER: “Pakistan.”

ANDERSON: “Can you go home?”

WORKER: “No, no.”

ANDERSON: “Passports taken?”

WORKER: “Yes, they are with the company.”

These workers are basically prisoners and slaves to Trump’s company.  While Donald Trump doesn’t have anything directly to do with this resort’s operations, it proudly bears his name.  This is far from the first report of Trump and his cohorts hiring migrant workers as incredibly cheap labor/borderline slavery.

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