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Video Released of Russian Official Bragging Russia Stole Election For Trump

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Video Released of Russian Official Bragging Russia Stole Election For Trump

While Trump is in a downward spiral of disaster with a new scandal everyday plaguing his administration, the Russian puppet masters can’t seem to hold back.

Recently, one Russian government official hinted that he might not see the end of his term, while another announced that Russia has blackmail on him, and now another is bragging on national television that Russia is the reason Trump got elected in the first place.

Vyacheslav Nikonov, a member of the Russian State Duma, appeared on a Russian state-controlled TV show, bragged that U.S. spies slept while Russia elected a U.S. President. Clearly, Russia isn’t even trying to hide the fact they rigged the election anymore.

Thanks to Russian media monitor Julia Davis who dug this out of a Russian language video.

It’s in Russian, but you can see the entire thing here:

The Russian government may not have an agenda for this unnecessary taunting, but it’s suspicious to say the least. Vladimir Putin inserted Trump into office so he could lift the U.S. sanctions on Russia, but Trump has failed at his task. Congress even had a bill passed that prevents him from being able to even lift them if he wanted to.

So it appears that now the Kremlin is reminding Trump that they have blackmail on him and they are not afraid to use it. Whenever they release this intel they have, it will be the end for Trump. It appears that this blatant taunt is just a little reminder to Trump as to what they are capable of.

It’s only a matter of time before the Russians really twist the screws on Trump and everything comes crashing down. That is, unless Robert Mueller doesn’t crash it first.

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