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Video Released of Trump Admitting He Has a Relationship with Putin

Donald Trump and his team have continuously and untruthfully downplayed and denied his relationship with Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin.  During the election he denied even knowing Putin, in spite of clear, irrefutable evidence that he does.

In light of the recent revelations that the CIA and the FBI have no doubt at all that Russia interfered significantly with the US election and tipped it in Trump’s favor, the denials of Trump’s Russian relationships have only intensified.

Now, a new video is going viral that shows Trump denying and then admitting to a relationship with the Russian president and it’s raising alarms among the intelligence community and members of the Electoral College, many who have demanded an intelligence briefing on Russian tampering with the election and what role Trump may have played in one of the worst security breaches in American history. Why would Trump lie about this?

Watch this and you decide..

Now, for those who say the video is edited, here’s the entire MSNBC interview…

H/T New Century Times

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