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Video Released of Trump Doing Exactly What Comey Said He Did

Unfortunately for Trump, videos exist. Videos of him being his true self have been popping up since he announced his run for office, but the timing on this one could not be more fitting as it relates to him denying what Comey said about his asking for loyalty.

Before Trump’s reality TV fame he appeared on one of the first seasons of the Charlie Rose show. He spent much of his interview talking about vengeance and his need to seek revenge. Trump’s causal tone is unsettling as he says, “I would’ve wiped the floor with the guys who weren’t loyal, which I will now do… I love getting even with people.”

Clearly, Trump has been playing the “loyalty” card and attacking those who don’t please him for years. It is evident that Trump only has one mob boss way of doing business. He wishes to spread fear and intimidation throughout those who work with him and basically do whatever he pleases.

Comey is a stand up opponent who will not be bullied into submission, that’s why he got fired. Americans should be so thankful that Comey didn’t walk away and wave the white flag. He is still fighting and so should we. Comey was a smart man to take notes when dealing with such a slimy creep. Watch the video below:

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