Video: Trump Now “Living in Fear”, Truth is Just Too Much To Bear

A new report from MSNBC claims that President Donald Trump is “living in fear,” of reporters.

Anchor Lawrence O’Donnell claims that Trump is “visibly afraid of going anywhere near reporters right now,” because “he lied about President Obama wiretapping his phones and he is afraid to answer reporters questions about that.”

O’Donnell then shows a truly stunning clip illustrating how in the rare moments that reporters are allowed in the same room as the President and try to ask him questions, he remains completely silent. Watch for it around the :40 mark of the video.

O’Donnell then completely eviscerates Press Secretary Sean Spice for his role in lying every single day to cover up the President’s daily violations of his oath of office, calling Spicer “the single most unethical and incompetent White House Press Secretary in history.” 

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