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Washington Insider Reveals Indictments That’ll Have The White House Scrambling

It’s been obvious all along, but new reports are saying that Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team will be bringing indictments against individuals in the investigation into popular vote loser Donald Trump and his campaign/administration/family and their connections to Russian interference in American Democracy.

Kenneth Starr is the infamous independent counsel who was charge of the Bill Clinton investigation, who appeared on CNN on Saturday to talk about the similarities between his Clinton investigation and Mueller’s probe.

Starr pointed out on Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn: “I have a sense that there will, in fact, be indictments.”

Bill Palmer points out:

This is crucial because Mueller’s entire reason to indict and try the likes of Flynn and Manafort is to get to Trump.

If any Trump underling can be pressured into flipping on Trump, it will give Mueller first-hand witnesses to Trump’s involvement in a slew of confirmed and alleged crimes that occurred before, during and after the election. For instance, Manafort and Flynn can testify as to Trump’s knowledge of their collusive activities with Russia during the election, in the hope of a lesser sentence. Several of Trump’s White House advisers can testify as to what they witnessed when Trump was crafting a statement about his son’s meeting with the Russian government, if they’re facing potential indictments for conspiracy to obstruct justice.

All is will take is one indictment and the dominoes will begin to fall.

Even if Paul Manafort doesn’t immediately flip after being indicted, it will likely sent off alarm bells by others being investigated in the scandal, causing them to go into panic mode and flip on everyone involved.

It’s easy to get impatient, but Robert Mueller has one shot at this and has to be darn sure he has everything in the proper order before he moves forward.

If Mueller’s work doesn’t begin the end of the Trump era, there’s going to more outrage from the American people than even Trump/Pence could fake at a NFL game.

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