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When Dems Flip The House in 2018, Nancy Pelosi Just Might Become President

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When Dems Flip The House in 2018, Nancy Pelosi Just Might Become President

A piece of evidence in the Trump-Russia collusion probe was recently revealed to have been in Robert Mueller’s possession that could bring down not only popular vote loser Donald Trump, but VP Mike Pence as well.

Bill Palmer points out, that evidence comes in the form of a letter that Donald Trump and his adviser Stephen Miller wrote together, which explained why FBI Director James Comey was being fired. That letter has not been published, but it was apparently an unwitting admission that Trump was firing Comey in order to sabotage the FBI’s Russia investigation and obstruct justice. The New York Times (link) is reporting that not only does Special Counsel Robert Mueller have a copy of that letter, he also has evidence that Mike Pence knew of the letter. This makes Pence guilty of multiple felonies.

One prominent law professor believes that what unfolds from this evidence could end up seeing both of those men impeached and Nancy Pelosi installed as President of the United States. Top constitutional Harvard lawyer Laurence Tribe says, “Pence hid what he knew about a serious federal crime. That’s misprision of felony.”

Professor Tribe went on to say, “This is what VP Pence has to be thinking tonight. President Ryan?”

Tribe went on to reply to comment of, “If we flip the house in 2018… it goes to Pelosi, not Ryan”, by saying “Good point. Pelosi it is, then. But there are promises to keep and miles to go before we sleep.”

There are several things that would need to happen for Pelosi to become President:

1. Donald Trump would need to be impeached and removed, which seems to be getting closer by the day as Robert Mueller closes is.

2 Democrats would need to win back the House in the midterms, which is becoming more and more likely given the recent Democrat wins on the state level, with more to come, which serves as a great indicator.

3. Mike Pence would need to be impeached and removed.

The last item won’t be easy, as it takes 67 Senate votes to make it happen, which means some Republicans will need to get on board, but at that point, Nancy Pelosi would be in line to assume the White House.

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