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While You’re Distracted with NFL, White Supremacists Hit Charlottesville Again…Trump Completely Silent

Richard Spencer and a bunch of other like-minded racists marched with torches in Charlottesville, Virginia, a couple of months removed from incidents that saw a white supremacist murder a counter-protestor with his car and also saw popular vote loser Donald Trump refuse to condemn white supremacists, citing “very fine people” among them.

Trump, of course, did eventually condemn white supremacists, after lots of criticism, but he more or less took it back a few days later, doubling down on the whole “good people on both sides” rhetoric.

Now, with more marches taking place, Trump is too busy staging fake walkouts from NFL games by his VP Mike Pence to address domestic terrorism in Virginia:

Matt Talhelm of NBC News local affiliate NBC 29 tweeted: “HAPPENING NOW: @RichardBSpencer & white nationalist supporters are back with their torches in front of Lee statue in #Charlottesville.”

At 7:57pm he added “White nationalists now chanting – ‘We will be back’. About 3 dozen supporters in Emancipation Park. Plenty of police on standby in park.”

At 8:02pm, he tweeted “UPDATE: After short torchlit protest in front of the tarp-covered Lee monument in #Charlottesville, white nationalists have left the park.”

It’s not entirely clear if “We will be back” meant they would be back later the same night, or at another time in the future. Whatever the case, white supremacists are back in Charlottesville and, of course, Donald Trump has nothing to say about it.

Instead, he’d like to focus his effort on attacking black athletes who peacefully exercise their right to freedom of speech.

Trump found the time to fire out 12 tweets on Saturday, but has yet to mention a single word about Charlottesville.

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