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Yet Another Indictment handed down, which doesn’t look good for Trump Jr.

This week the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York confirmed a criminal investigation against Natalya Veselnitskaya, a Russian goverment lawyer who met with Trump Jr. and other Trump campaign officials at the Trump Tower during the election. Veselnitskaya’s indictment means that Trump Jr’s future just got really serious.

Veselnitskaya hasn’t been indicted for the Trump Tower meeting specifically, but for obstruction of justice in a civil suit brought by the SDNY. It’s pretty challenging to get indicted in a civil case, but here we are. The criminal case against Trump Jr. just got even more interesting.

The indictment for conspiring with the Kremlin to obstruct justice officially ties her to the Kremlin as an official representative. This legally means that Trump Jr. was, quite literally, conspiring with the Kremlin during the U.S. presidential election. This meeting has long been called treason against the United States, but with news like this, that just might be the case after all.

Trump Jr.’s emails prove that he knew what the meeting was before he attended. The meeting was, as substantiated by evidence, for the purpose of accepting stolen intel on behalf of the Trump campaign. He knew what he was doing and he could be looking at prison for the rest of his life once all the evidence is compiled. To make matters worse, we wouldn’t be surprised if Veselnitskaya cuts a deal against him. Regardless, Trump Jr. is in a lot of trouble.

Buckle up, because Trump Jr.’s subpoena is coming…

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