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Yet another top Trump official hit with investigative action: “I am just sick and tired of this administration lying to the American people”

The separating of families at the border and locking children in cages has led to deaths and countless amounts of mental trauma for these poor children. Donald Trump and his Homeland Security Director, Kirstjen Nielsen, are completely responsible for this crisis and they should be held accountable legally. Apparently, we aren’t the only ones who think so, as an investigation has now been opened into Nielsen.

The agents are the ones carrying out the orders, so establishing a legal responsibility back to Nielsen may be tricky. Nielsen did recently testify before the House Judiciary Committee and she made claims about these policies. However, Senator Jeff Merkely published evidence showing the opposite of her claims, so it’s at least possible that Nielsen committed perjury.

“I am just sick and tired of this administration lying to the American people, lying to Congress, doing it under oath,” he told CNN’s John Berman on “New Day.”

Merkley sent a letter to FBI Director Christopher Wray asking him to investigate Nielsen for perjury.  Merkley says: “I write to request an investigation to determine whether Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen committed perjury during her sworn testimony before the House Committee on the Judiciary on December 20, 2018,” 

“Compelling new evidence has emerged revealing that high-level Department of Homeland Security officials were secretly and actively developing a new policy and legal framework for separating families as far back as December 2017.”

If Wray can prove that Nielsen did perjure herself, he can follow up with criminal prosecution for a felony. Will he? Who knows, but it’s on the table should he discover something criminal.

This would also put her, like the other former Trump employees, in a position to cut a deal against Trump to save herself. The perjury investigation could also produce evidence that would connect her to the deaths of these children at the border.

If Director Wray will follow through with a serious investigation, things could blow up rather easily. Let’s not forget that Wray was hired by Trump to help obstruct justice in the Russia investigation (of course, Trump will deny that, but it’s not hard to see) and he has yet to protect Trump from that. With that said, Wray will most likely not protect Trump’s other employees as a favor to Trump either, so things are about to get rough for Kirstjen Nielsen.

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