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Yet another Trump official resigns – and joins the Democrats

Donald Trump’s White House continues to fall apart. It’s feeling very empty after all of the resignations and scandalous firings, but surprisingly Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders has lasted longer than most. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said of her staff, as her top deputy Raj Shah just resigned. To make things even more interesting, he took a new job with the Democrats.

The reports of Shah’s departure have been circling for a while now, but it’s surprising that he took a job working for a Democratic lobbying firm. The New York Times is reporting the hire, despite the murkiness of hiring someone from the opposing party. Shah only actually stood at the podium a few times, so his reputation is still in tact. His departure does, however, make us wonder if the reports of Sarah leaving are true as well.

CBS News reported last year that both Sanders and Shah were planning to resign at the end of 2018. Sanders disputed this report and so far has been telling the truth. If that report was correct, that means Sanders is on her way out as well. Shah resigned within two weeks of the timeframe laid out by the CBS News report, so we will see how accurate they really were.

Regardless, this is another blow to Trump and his administration. He’s whining on Twitter about being all alone and he’s not wrong. He can’t keep staff members any better that the McDonald’s down the street. Most of his positions remain unfilled and it doesn’t look like he will have a full staff anytime soon.

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