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You Know It’s Bad When Fox News Says Trump is Guilty

When President Donald Trump loses the sycophantic, enabling praise and defense of Fox News, you know he’s headed down a dark path. It seems like Trump is losing support in the government and in the media faster by the day, even Fox News.

After Trump’s former attorney/handler Michael Cohen was sentenced to three years in Prison earlier this week, it appears that even some over at Fox News are jumping off the Trump train. The networks’ legal analyst Andrew Napolitano, on a segment with host Shep Smith, said Trump appears to be in deep trouble:

“We learned that the federal prosecutors here in New York City, not Bob Mueller and his team in Washington D.C., career prosecutors have evidence that the president of the United States committed a felony by ordering and paying Michael Cohen to break the law,” he said. “How do we know that? They told that to a federal judge and under the rules, they can’t tell that to a federal judge unless they have the evidence.”

Napolitano said the prosecutors are pros, which increases his confidence they got it right.

“The U.S. Attorney in Manhattan, a Donald Trump appointee taking a page from Jeff Sessions book, recused himself, leaving this case in the hands of the full-time career professional prosecutors,” he said. “They’re the ones that prosecuted Michael Cohen, told the federal judge that Donald Trump orchestrated these unlawful payments.”

“The felony is paying Michael Cohen to commit a felony. It’s pretty basic,” he said. “You’re liable, criminally liable for the commission of that crime. That’s what the prosecutors told the federal judge.”

You can watch the segment here.

The Trump train is finally coming to the screeching halt that is about three years too late.

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