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You Know It’s Bad When Rush Limbaugh Turns on Trump

Popular vote loser Donald Trump has fully immersed himself in his phony outrage based culture war against the NFL.

After pathetically sending Mike Pence to an embarrassingly fake walkout at a Colts game last weekend, he is continuing to double down on his stance that players should be forced by owners to stand during the national anthem.

Diehard Trumpsters are the only ones who agree with Trump that this is a good idea, and that’s obviously because they have no real understanding about freedom or the constitution.

At least one staunch conservative and defender of Trump is starting to worry that asking owners to force players to stand for the anthem is crossing the line, and you’ll hardly believe who it is: Rush Limbaugh.

The Hill explains:

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh on Wednesday voiced concerns about President Trump’s comments on NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice, saying Trump should not have the power to dictate who can kneel during the anthem.

“There’s a part of this story that’s starting to make me nervous, and it’s this: I am very uncomfortable with the president of the United States being able to dictate the behavior and power of anybody. That’s not where this should be coming from,” Limbaugh said on his show.

“We don’t want the president being able to demand anybody that he’s unhappy with behave in a way he requires,” Limbaugh added.

Limbaugh’s comments come after the president said on Wednesday that “it is about time” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is “demanding” players stand for the national anthem after the NFL chief said in a statement that he believed that everyone should stand during the anthem.

When Rush starts to sound reasonable compared to the President, you know we’re in it deep, folks.

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